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The Path - Inward Journey to your Divine Core

It has been called many things: the path, journey of transformation, evolution of human consciousness, awakening and even enlightenment.  Most of us have heard of at least some of these phrases but not as many know what it really means to be on a path of personal transformation.  I know I didn’t.  What I wanted was instant enlightenment.  I was soon to learn that what I desired was not going to happen, at least not how I had expected it anyway.

In actuality, since we are on earth, every one of us is on this journey to some extent.  For certain people though, their longing and purpose in life is for transformation and transcendence, they are on what I would call an accelerated path.  Most people get started on this journey when they begin to ask themselves some fairly simple but profound questions.  How do you feel about yourself,  do you find your life meaningful, fulfilled and rich?  Or perhaps you are feeling unfulfilled, disappointed or resentful about your current life or circumstances?  These uncomfortable feelings can be interpreted as your soul’s longing, a message from your spirit and higher self that can ultimately propel you forward onto a path to discovering your real self.

If you can stay with your longing and not abandon the sense that your life could be much more than it currently is, you will begin to build a life based on your own wisdom and gain real inner resilience, contentment, and security.  When you learn to cultivate and understand these longings as signposts on your journey, you will find those attitudes in yourself that have prevented you from experiencing life in a meaningful way and you will begin to follow this inner path to your core.  This is possible because this place of peace and security is already within you and it unfolds organically as a result of going through the dark spots within, those pockets of frozen energy that need to be reclaimed and converted back into their original state.

Our images are formed in childhood.  The places where we do not mature remain hidden in the unconscious and we refer to it as child consciousness.  Most of us on this planet are not as mature emotionally as we are intellectually, as evidenced when we find ourselves in a temper tantrum or emotional reaction.  Whenever you experience one of these events, you can actually feel the 2, 3 or 4 yr old within, taking control of your life.  It can be a humbling and stunning experience when we realize our ‘ruthless infant’ may be running our lives.  When you face those places within yourself of ignorance, selfishness, and immaturity, your subconscious will gradually bring into your awareness more and more of your wrong conclusions about life.  The human soul contains infinite wisdom but our wrong conclusions cover this up.  By making each false image or belief conscious and working them through, you will uncover your inner voice of wisdom that is able to guide you according to your personal plan.  You will become free and independent.

This path asks for truthfulness with the self and honesty with your current state.  If you truly wish to find your real self you must pay attention to those areas within yourself that are negative, destructive and not in alignment with truth. You must learn to drop your mask and pretenses and open to your vulnerability.   It is a journey into the inner universe of your internal experience.   The result is your life will begin to unfold in a natural and organic way that leads to peace and wholeness.  You will begin to meet life without fear because you will no longer fear what you will find inside yourself.  The difficulty arises on this path when we do not want to face a negative attitude in ourself, fearing that if we go there we will discover we are all worthless or bad.

To the degree you make a commitment to be in truth with yourselves, the difficulty on this journey vanishes. You will begin to find life, even with its problems, a joyful challenge.  You will feel your spiritual self flowing within your entire physical and energy system, your thoughts and your decisions, and you will begin to come from your core where peaceful, joyful, creative living is a normal state of being.  You will be activating the greater consciousness that dwells within each of you. Once you are on this path, the results of your work will be evident by the expression of your life.   Exhilaration, enthusiasm, joy, excitement and peace, are all a result of inner truthfulness.  When these states are absent, then truthfulness within is absent, it is that simple.

It is important to understand that all of your thoughts and attitudes are powerful forms of energy that create your lives.  Whether your feelings are loving or hateful, angry or neutral, fearful or peaceful, they create according to their nature.   As you transform your false images and beliefs, you release contracted energy.  To the degree you are willing to look at your frozen contracted places, you release pleasurable currents of life force energy, you rescue trapped energy.  Your spiritual self cannot be freed unless you learn to feel all of your feelings and accept all of yourself, even your most destructive and negative aspects.  No matter how destructive, cruel, and bad it may appear to be, the distortions must be reconverted into their original state in order for you to come into your creative core wisdom.

Ironically, when you are able to face the worst in yourself without losing faith, you will actually find your true value, for only then will you truly love yourself and find your true essence.   If you are willing and prepared to summon the courage and humility to embark on this journey, the initial struggles will give way and become a gateway to immense beauty.  You will begin to function from your core, from the center of your being, and you will experience security and joy from deep within yourself.  This path is focused on finding this center, this deep inner well of spiritual reality that already exists within, your true potential for greatness.

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