Greetings! My name is Leigh and welcome to my website...

About my work

Energy Healing is a broad term, but foundational to all energy work is the awareness and knowledge that the physical body is only one dimension of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual reality.  These four aspects together make up what is called our human energy consciousness system and this entire system responds to our intention for healing and wholeness.

My special skill as an energy healer is holding and bringing in high vibration crystal and laser energy frequencies.  In addition to these, I also bring in wave-lengths that are specific and unique to your individual energy system.  What these finely tuned frequencies and healing techniques mean for you as a client is precise, specialized and individualized healing that brings the possibility for significant shifts and lasting changes in the different levels of your energy system, and also in your life.

Energy healing works fundamentally by combining highly-focused intention holding fine vibration energy frequencies along with assistance from the Spiritual world and higher realms as each one of you personally knows and relates.  With training and experience I have learned to assist my clients in making physical recovery from trauma and injury, building greater emotional and energetic health, and to increasingly awaken to your true nature as a divine soul.

Our real self or awakened self has been given many different names but it can be described as the experience of being free and whole. Energy Healing supports this personal development through the transfer of energy.  When life force passes from healer to client with the positive intention for healing, it can awaken and support our undeveloped or traumatized systems with fresh pure energy that leads us into becoming aware of things in a new way. It supports us in being willing to face ourselves – and the world in which we live – through a radically different perspective.  This intention can help my clients to question the fundamental assumptions of your problem or disease and begin to create your life anew.

As you awaken spiritually, the awareness that is bigger than your personality or ego increases, and the power of the personality, with its conditioned patterns and responses, decreases. Gradually, the personality loses its solidity, it becomes transparent to the light of consciousness. There is a lightness to people who are awakening and a heaviness to people who are still connected to their ego and their defenses. Ego is complete identification with your thinking and your emotions.

What should someone expect from an effective energy healing? While energy work and healing does not always leave you with an amazing, expanded feeling, I do believe a session should help you to move into deeper contact with yourself; to help you connect to your personal power.  I also believe healing work should assist you with your ability to change an unconscious belief, and then help you to move on and create something new.   When we can learn to see things as they really are through our higher self and the wisdom of our own soul, we then have the ability to choose how we want to create our own life.  That is freedom.