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Brennan Healing Science

Brennan Healing ScienceĀ® (BHS) is a hands-on energy technique based on the fact that we are energetic beings, we are made up of energy. This holistic approach is gentle and powerful in restoring health, balance and wholeness to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.  This technique is the work of Barbara Brennan and is only taught at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing.

Through a variety of techniques I clear, balance, charge and repair your body’s energy system. This work affects all of the body and can be experienced as a subtle feeling of relief or lightness all the way to a profound physical/emotional shift that can open up new possibilities for healthier ways of being.

As a Brennan Practitioner, I have also learned to work with your belief system to see how that affects your health and the disease process that may be unfolding in your life. Many of our traumatic or unresolved life experiences cause us to interpret life through past situations; we continue to live out the past in the present. BHS helps to bring those unconscious beliefs that hold us frozen or trapped in the past into awareness for healing and resolution. We can then begin to live our life from a deeper, more authentic and whole place, becoming more of our true selves.


What is an energy healing using Brennan Healing Science like?

Since Brennan Healing Science works with many different levels of the human energy system, the healings are all unique and individual, each based on your needs and stage of development.  I will focus on the physical,  mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life and work on your energy field on each of these levels.  I may talk with you, listen to your emotional and spiritual concerns, discuss your energy field patterns and how you habitually run your system, teach you physical techniques for balance and grounding, work with ancestors and family patterns, plus even more techniques.  Also, you will lie down on the healing table while I will work on your energy field.  The possibilities for healing are vast and at all times your healing journey and needs are my priority.