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The Hakomi Method

The Refined Hakomi Method: Mindfulness-Based, Assisted Self-Discovery

The purpose of Hakomi Therapy is to provide a warm, safe and compassionate container for you to explore how your body-mind organizes your life experiences.  By using the tone of my voice, simple word statements and gentle nonverbal interventions, I intentionally communicate with your unconscious to reveal deep seated beliefs that may have shaped your life unknowingly. 

This method contains precise experiments done with the purpose of evoking emotions, memories and reactions that will reveal or help access the beliefs, early experiences and coping mechanisms that influence your nonconscious, habitual behaviors, especially those that are causing confusion and unnecessary suffering.

Hakomi Therapy helps bring consciousness and choice to nonconscious behavior, including your thoughts, perceptions, attitudes, and your sense of self, also providing the time and space, comfort and support for the integration that follows any insight.

What does this look like in a session?

If I were to say to you, "You don’t have to be perfect", your response from a normal mental state may be something like,"Yes,I know that."  But imagine if I were to ask you to become mindful, which means to close your eyes, bring your energy down out of your mind and into your body, breathing softly into your belly, relaxed and observant.  Now, from this relaxed place, I want you to notice your reaction as I say these words, "You don’t have to be perfect".  This time your reaction may be totally surprising, not what you thought you were going to say at all since it is your unconscious that is responding.  You may feel overwhelming relief, as if this is something you have never heard before. You may have an intense defiant reaction, "Oh yah, since when?" Your response may be feelings of intense sadness or grief. There is no right or wrong response, only what your unconscious belief system is telling you about its internal make-up.  From there you can begin to understand how your unconscious beliefs have shaped your life and with this new awareness you now have the possibility to change those beliefs in order to live the life you long to create.

"The impulse to heal is real and powerful and lies within the client.  Our job is to evoke that healing power, to meet its tests and needs and to support it in its expression and development.  We are not the healers.  We are the context in which healing is inspired."
                                                               Ron Kurtz  – Founder and developer of The Hakomi Method