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Brennan Healing Science
CranioSacral Therapy                 
Energy Healing 

Supports healthful changes providing relief for many conditions:

  • Reduce pain
  • Release stress, anxiety and tension
  • Increase energy
  • Experience joy
  • Release trauma and deeply held emotions
  • Ease depression and other mood disorders
  • Experience relief from chronic pain

  • Remove energy blocks that prevent you from being yourself
  • Create physical, mental, emotional, spiritual health and wellness
  • Enhance your body’s own ability to heal from injury, surgery or disease
  • Increase personal power, self-esteem and ability to cope
  • Assist the healing and transformation of relationships
  • Reconnect you with your life’s purpose and longing

    What happens when energy blocks are transformed?

    -Your nervous system regains its capacity for self-regulation.

    -You become more resilient and spontaneous.

    -Your emotions become more available, you become more open

    -The energy that was frozen plus the energy that was used to hold the block in place are both transformed into more sustainable life force energy.

    As an energy therapist I am taught specific skills and techniques that:

    -Enhance your energy flow to create positive changes

    -Allow you to experience something new – it can feel like a sense of relief, of new possibilities

    -Assist you in accessing your own innate ability to heal and create your life

    -Work on energy centers on the body called chakras, in order to bring energy into your system from the energy field around you